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S7 224 CPU DC P/S,DC14DI,10DO


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  • The CPU 224 is equipped with the following:
  • Integral 24 V encoder/load current supply:
  • For direct connection of sensors and encoders. With 280 mA, output current can also be used as load power supply.
  • 2 device versions:
  • With different power supply and control voltages.
  • Integral digital inputs/outputs:
  • 14 inputs and 10 outputs.
  • 1 communication interface:
  • Optional
  • As PPI interface with PPI protocol for programming functions, HMI functions (TD 200, OP), S7-200 internal CPU/CPU communication (9.6/19.2/187.5 Kbit/s) or as MPI slave for data exchange with MPI masters (S7-300/-400, OPs, TDs, pushbutton panels).
  • Freely-programmable interface (freeport) with interrupt facility for serial data exchange with third-party devices, e.g. with ASCII protocol baud rates 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4/57.6/115.2 Kbit/s; PC/PPI cable can be used as RS 232/RS 485 converter.
  • Expansion bus:
  • Connection of expansion modules (only EMs of the 22x series can be used).
  • Interrupt inputs:
  • For extremely fast response to rising or falling edges of process signals.
  • Fast counters:
  • 6 fast counters (30 kHz), with parameterizable enable and reset input, can be used simultaneously as up and down counters with 2 separate inputs or for connecting incremental encoders with 2 pulse trains (4x20 kHz) offset by 90o.
  • Problem-free expansion with digital and analog expansion modules (EM, optional).
  • Simulator (optional):
  • For simulating the integral inputs and for testing the user program.
  • Analog potentiometer:
  • 2 analog potentiometer, can be conveniently used in everyday work as a setpoint encoder, e.g. for setting times.
  • Pulse outputs:
  • 2 high-frequency pulse outputs (max. 20 kHz); can be used for positioning tasks and for driving frequency-controlled motors and stepping motors via power circuitry.
  • Real-time clock:
  • e.g. for assignment of time stamps to messages, for recording machine runtimes, or for time control of processes.
  • EEPROM submodule (optional):
  • For saving the complete STEP 7-Micro/WIN user program as well as other documents.
  • For supporting the data logging function and recipe management.
  • Permits fast changing of program (even without programming device) and additional program archiving.
  • Battery module for long-term backup:
  • To increase the storage period up to typically 200 days. Without a battery module, user data (e.g. bit memory states, data blocks, times, counts) are saved by an internal high-performance capacitor for approx. 5 days. The program is always saved permanently (maintenance-free). The battery module is inserted into the slot for the memory submodule.



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